Doing a New Fanfiction Maybe, which one sounds more interesting to you?

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Faster, faster, faster.

Time burned to ashes underneath the raging hooves of the stallion. Air hollered as the beast surged through the blazing forest.  The rider, a blue haired girl, squeezed on the reigns with trembling hands and leaned forward. Hurry. She blinked away the tears and clenched her jaws. Her heart wavered, this wasn’t real. It can’t be. It just can’t.

Haru, I’m sorry.


          2                                          …

Tears in her eyes, Tokaku dragged the bloodied sword through layers of snow. As she walked, crimson trails spilled like watery paint. Scarlet winter lashed the bleeding scars on her cheeks. Tokaku staggered in her broken steps, the claws of frigid air sliced into the slits of exposed back. She squinted; everything was stained in that sinful color.

I’m sorry.

Tokaku coughed, her lungs seared in pain. She didn’t even know where she was going. She couldn’t feel the coldness ripping her skin apart. Nothing. All of it was useless to her. She was nothing more than a devil in an empty shell of a human being.

Once again, she was alone.

Tokaku leaned over, using her sword for support.

Pine trees pierced the cherry sky, ensnaring Tokaku in a spinning, fractured world.  Her once white scarf blew behind her and she felt as if she were about to vomit a thousand  frozen hearts. 



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